Anti dandruff treatment in Bangalore

We provide an effective anti-dandruff treatment in Bangalore. Dandruff is a harmless, chronic condition that occurs due to dry or greasy scalp and produces white flakes of dead skin that appear in the hair and causing irritation when fall on the shoulders. Dandruff usually starts between the ages of 10-20 and affects up to more over age of 30. Losing hair is a complex health condition. This impact can never be measured, it needs medical attention from the time of symptoms appear. It can change an individual’s behavioural pattern and affecting the personality of the person. It can alter a healthy lifestyle drastically.

Everyone has some Malassezia yeast on their skin, particularly in the greasy areas such as the scalp and upper back. It feeds on the natural grease of the skin, from which it produces oleic acid. The oleic acid triggers increased turnover of skin cells, resulting in dandruff. So, getting rid of the yeast should improve the dandruff. Hormones may also be involved, because dandruff usually starts after puberty and is more common in men than women. The most common causes of dandruff include Psoriasis, Skin eczema, Shampooing too often, Excessive dryness of the scalp.

Anti-dandruff treatments are available in plenty, but it is better to engage with our specialist to get a complete idea of the causes and possible remedies. An effective anti-dandruff treatment regimen not only seeks to overcome the dandruff problem and also seeks to address of the core issues related to the skin and works at strengthening the hair follicles.

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