Double chin reduction surgery in Bangalore

A double chin is like cellulite and is caused by excess fat and loose skin on the neck beneath the chin. This Double chin reduction surgery in Bangalore can done at Heler. The tissue causes the appearance of a second area beneath the skin which is called a double chin. Since the excess fatty tissues are visible near the facial features, your facial profile is ruined due to fat coverage. This tissue fullness is very difficult to camouflage and it diminishes your facial profile. Even if you are following the diet and exercise perfectly, still this fleshy fold doesn’t disappear and there is no improvement in the chin contour by itself.

Double Chin surgery can be performed well at Heler with liposuction and mesotherapy procedure. The mesotherapy is a safe in this process a series of chemical injections are intended to break up localized fat deposits and to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tighten sagging skin, especially on the neck.

It is a golden age in aesthetic medicine with the rise of non-surgical aesthetic treatments available in every city. Non-invasive cosmetic techniques available to contour your chin and tighten your neck without the risks of surgery are now seen everywhere. Melt the fat, freeze the fat, shrink the skin, lift the skin. They all make promises, but not all treatments are created equal. However double chin reduction patients will agree that our services are true fat of reduction and skin tightening.

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