Eczema specialist in Bangalore

Eczema generally occurs in babies and children. Consult Eczema specialist in Bangalore to cure. One in seven children will get this approximately. The first signs usually begin at 9-12 months of age, sometimes it can start as early as four months. Eczema is a medical term for skin disorder causes skin dryness and rashes. The most common symptoms are skin redness, inflammation of the skin, swelling, bleeding cracking and flaking of the skin. Those who are suffering with Eczema can get skin discolorations these symptoms continue on and off throughout life. With proper treatment, the disease often can be controlled.

Treatment may need to be reassessed, especially if the condition worsens or fails to respond to treatment.  In some cases the doctor will refer the child to a skin specialist Heler is specialist in providing eczema treatment. There are different strengths of steroid creams and ointments available on prescription. It is a need to take care, especially if applying a very strong steroid as it can cause the skin to become thin. The best time to do this is after a bath, as the skin is more absorbent. 

Discuss with a doctor or pharmacist of eczema treatment in bangalore for the correct use and application of the steroid cream or ointment prescribed. It is not advisable to use a steroid on the face without prescribed by a doctor. Talk us if child's skin shows signs of damage. In severe cases UV treatment may also be suggested.  This involves controlled exposure to UV-A and/or UV-B for a few minutes, two to three times each week. Treatment course may continue for several months.

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