Scar Removal Treatment in Bangalore

Heler is a “state-of-the-art” tertiary care non-invasive Dermatology & Aesthetic clinic for men women and children. We offer scar removal treatment in Bangalore with comprehensive solutions for all your skin, hair and intimate disorders. We offer a complete array of acne services.

Acne is the most widely recognized skin disorder in India, influencing more than 60 million individuals. For this reason, Heler skin and hair clinic provides scar removal treatment in Indiranagar has separate itself in the treatment of acne. Above anything else, we understand that people experiencing skin inflammation need an answer now. As a comprehensive cosmetic center that focuses on nonsurgical care, we won't just help you understand your acne, we will find an answer that works for you. With awesome laser medications and additionally condition of state-of-art skin care technologies, you can rest guaranteed that we offer the absolute best scar removal treatment in HAL 2nd Stage.

Based on your type of acne, we offer you the best scar removal treatment in Old Madras Road option to get you relief from acne. Below is the summary of each type:


A blackhead is a pore that is clogged beneath the surface of the skin. They are not swollen, so they don't have the red, bumpy look related with pimples. They are interested noticeable all around, oxidizing the slick substance stuck inside, making it turn dark.


These are clogged pores that become inflamed. Contrasting blackheads, the pore swells and turns red and is slightly painful to the touch. Papules don't contain pus.


Pustules are also known as zits. They are swollen, inflamed pores that have become filled with pus, leading to white head.

Nodules and cysts

Both these words depict more extreme types of acne. These are painful, large bumps that endure for some time. Nodules and cysts represent inflamed lesion that require medical assessment and treatment. Both can cause markings on the skin and for a few people can prompt to severe scarring.

Other types of acne

There are numerous different types of acne, although there is a slight difference between all of them. The specialists at the Heler skin center can help you figure out which sort of acne you have, enduring acne treatment in India. You can consult our expertise doctors for scar removal treatment in Domlur, Indiranagar, HAL 2nd Stage, Old Madras Road, new Tippasandra, Ulsoor and Old Airport Road, feel the change.